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32nd Linzer Pflasterspektakel: 19. - 21. July 2018
Festival Festival

“No money, no music!”

No Money, No Music

The interaction with the audience is essential to street art as well as the artistic variety of expression and ability of improvisation. This immediacy is key to street art.

With every performance the interaction starts from scratch and the respective location turns into a temporary stage. Another essential part is showing your appreciation not just with applause. If you liked the performances, we kindly ask you to reward the abilities of the extraordinary artists appropriately!

There is an exchange counter at the infopoint Main Square/Hauptplatz where big notes can be changed to coins as well as smaller notes!

“Why not have stages everywhere?”

Street Art

Street art belongs on the street! The interaction with the audience is essential to this form of art and thus develops a great sense of immediacy with the audience. In order to be able to enjoy street art fully without stages, we recommend to go and find a place to stand at the respective performance location shortly before the clock strikes the hour!