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33 nd Linzer Pflasterspektakel: 18. - 20. July 2019
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Production Scholarships


For four years the Pflasterspektakel Production Scholarship had been awarded by a jury to several artists and groups. The aim was to support the realisation of a production idea with an innovative artistic potential regarding performances in public space. Pflasterspektakel supported the artistic work in street art by providing financial resources (€ 10.000,-).

We’d like to thank all artists who submitted their concepts the past years and wish all of you, who’re still working on the realization of a production idea, all the best for the implementation!

Pflasterspektakel Production Scholarship 2009 – 2013

As a sustainable initiative of the European Capital of Culture Linz 2009, the Linz09 company and the Internationals Street Art Festival Linz awarded the “Linz09-Pflasterspektakel-Production Scholarship” in 2009 for the first time, in order to promote artistic production in street art. The awarded production „RASCHMUNZEL“ (Circus Bone Idle/ Ireland, Kate Lawrence/ Great Britain, Camillocromo/ Italy) had its successful premiere at Pflasterspektakel 2010. At the 25th Pflasterspektakel (2011) two productions where awarded and premiered at the festival: Theater Leela (Austria) with “Circus Wende” and Circo Activo (Spain) with “Alone, so”. In 2012 the music group Novo Toque (Austria) realized their production “Reclaim! / Maracatu. Die Geschichte einer Rückeroberung”. The Australian performer Adam Read was awarded with the Production Scholarship in 2013 and implemented with artists from 8 different countries united as Roadside Company the site specific installation “Radiant” at the Maindeck of Ars Electronica Center.