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32nd Linzer Pflasterspektakel: 19. - 21. July 2018
Information for artists Information for artists


Download application (Word, 106 KB)

The application period for the 32nd Pflasterspektakel (19 - 21 July 2018) runs from 15 November 2017 until 22 January 2018. The application form can be filled in online or downloaded here during that period.

The completely filled in form with an up-to-date video link has to be submitted at 22 January 2018 at latest – online or via email (for postal items the date of the postmark applies).

Before applying please check the FAQs with terms and conditions!

Decision about PARTICIPATION
Until 1 March 2018 the acceptance or refusal is sent by email! Every year, around 50% of participants are invited to Pflasterspektakel for the first time. The number of participants is restricted to approximately 100 solo performers respectively groups. Therefore, unfortunately we are not capable of accepting all applications.

Online Formular

The boxes marked with an asterisk (*) must be filled in.
Contact details

Artist details
Please give a short overview of the artistic background (education, prizes/awards, references, etc.) for artistically contributing crew members.

Company members



Category of performance for the program (only 2 answers possible):

Festival dates and performance locations
On Thursday, the festival starts with the opening with all participating artists at 4 p.m. The selection of performance locations and times begins at 10 a.m..
Festival times: Thursday, 19 July from 4 - 11 p.m., Friday, 20 July and Saturday, 21 July from 2 - 11 p.m.
Thursday and Friday "Music-Nightlines" in serval pubs from 11 p.m. onwards.
Performance locations: There are about 40 performance locations, including courtyards and special squares, in 5 performance areas across the city centre of Linz.
In case of very bad weather, there are alternative locations in shopping centres, cultural sites, pubs etc.
Information about the mode of performances
At the "place and time reservation" artists/groups determine performance locations and times in the morning of each day of the festival.
  • Individual performance procedure WITH location selection
    Number of performances: Thu: 2 performances / day, Fri & Sat: 3 performances / day; for one hour each (including set-up and take down time). Performances start every hour on the hour.
  • Special performance procedure WITHOUT location selection
    Especially "loud" music formations (samba, percussion, drums, brass music) and "quiet" ensembles (a capella), children's program participants, fire shows, shows with pyrotechnics, aerial artists and protagonists with special technical requirements perform at certain times and at selected locations in agreement with the organization team
  • Groups requiring more time to set-up and take down their equipment respectively large-dimensioned productions can sign up for a permanent performance location. Selected squares and courtyards will be available for presentations.
  • Fire and pyrotechnics: Due to regulations, street performance acts using fire or pyrotechnics must be held in certain specifically assigned places.
due to long set-up and take down times or special efforts. Please send the technical rider including space requirements, certificates of constructions and the required times for set-up and take down to
Additional performances
Kaleidoscope Nights: Every evening different artists present segments of their performance within two 90minutes revue shows presented by a host and taking place in a circus tent (Spectacle Tent). The popular Kaleidoscope Nights entertain more than 300 spectators every show. Artists/groups wishing to take part at one of the Kaleidoscope Nights can apply for a performance via the application form. Two short performances at the Kaleidoscope Night replace one street performance.

Saturday from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m. anyone interested can choose a location for an additional performance.

Information about technical equipment, power supply, volume, use of fire and pyrotechnics
The organizer generally does not provide stages or equipment.
Performance locations with power supply are limited to a small number.

Acoustic exposure is only permitted in the immediate audience area. Tripods or other lifting devices for speakers are not allowed.

Maximum volume of performance:*:

I/We use pyrotechnics (even if only during a short section of the show).

(max. 1000 signs)

Official permits will be taken care of by the organizer.
The City of Linz is not liable for damage to property or personal injury resulting from activities of street artists.
Stay / Accomodation
Arrival date is Wednesday, 18 July 2018, from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.. In the afternoon guided tours to the performance locations are offered. At 8 p.m. all artists are invited to take part in the exchange get-together before the welcome party starts at 9 p.m..

On the day of departure, Sunday 22 July 2018, the wardrobes are open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m..

Costs of overnight stays at designated facilities including breakfast will be covered by the organizer. Participants are usually accommodated in double and three-bed rooms in hotels and accommodations in the city centre of Linz.

Daily allowance. The organizer allocates 25 Euros per person and festival day for food for a maximum of 10 persons.
Artists keep performance revenues (busking money).
Journey / Reimbursement of travel expenses
Travel expenses
Expenses for outward and return journey to Linz by train (second class ticket) or airplane (cheap economy class ticket) will be refunded, for the journey by car a kilometre allowance will be paid. Only the actual expenses for the journey up to a maximum of € 1.000,- per artist/group will be refunded. The payment will only be carried out when the appropriate receipts are presented.

The payment for the journey with a private car or van will be calculated on the basis of a kilometre allowance that results from the number of fellow passengers not from the size of the car. You have to prove the journey to Linz by fuel receipts. When travelling by train or airplane, 2nd class tickets will be refunded. Tickets for flights to Europe before 12 July 2018 will not be refunded.

The reimbursement for travel expenses will be payed proportional to the days of participation (1/3 for one day, 2/3 for two days, the total calculated amount for 3 days).

Country of departure to the Pflasterspektakel:

Means of transport:

Concluding information
Please send additional information to!

Every application will be confirmed by e-mail. If not, your application hasn't arrived!

Until 1 March 2018, the definite consent or refusal is sent by e-mail.

Thanks for your interest and application for the Pflasterspektakel 2018!