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31th Linzer Pflasterspektakel: 20. - 22. July 2017

Review: This was Pflasterspektakel 2017

About 220.000 visitors enjoyed outstanding artistic performances and a lively atmosphere at the 31. Pflasterspektakel. The city centre of Linz transformed into a big stage for street performances at the highest level. 300 artists from 32 countries showed acrobatics and juggling, music, comedy and clownery, dance, aerial and fire performances and puppet theatre. Audience and artists celebrated a unique fest of creativity, spontaneity and artistic variety.

Due to the great appreciation and openness of the audience, all 300 invited artists felt most welcome and enjoyed their time in Linz.

Pflasterspektakel is a cultural trade mark of Linz, internationally renowned and a wonderful example of a joyful gathering of different people, celebrating and encounter peacefully.

About 120 staff members, supported by executive authorities and ambulance services took care of a smooth course of the event. The City of Linz as organizer is thankful for another successful festival.

The 32nd festival edition will take place from 19 to 21 July 2018.