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31th Linzer Pflasterspektakel: 20. - 22. July 2017

Kepler Salon talk in the context of Pflasterspektakel

“Performance art on the streets”

For more than 30 years street performance art is part of Linz. Meanwhile a tradition, that didn’t exist to that extent before. Because of Pflasterspektakel Linz does have an international reputation, but how does one become a street artist when born and raised in Austria? When he was young, Bernhard Zandl was fascinated by circus and street shows. After a short detour he started to work to make his professional dream come true. At Pflasterspektakel 2017 he’s presenting the new piece “Telephone Terror” by his Company NiE. At the Kepler Salon talk he’ll give personal insight in his profession and reveals how he put his art on the streets.

Monday, 17 July, 7.30 pm at Kepler Salon (Rathausgasse 3), free entry.

Bernhard Zandl was born in Vienna and raised in the Austrian Alps. First he’s following his dream to become a robotics engineer. At the age of 17 he changed his mind and decided to dedicate his life to circus and street performance art. After finishing his technical education with excellent success, he attended the circus school Madrid. After 2years of education he continues his studies at “Centre Régional des Arts de Cirque de Lomme” in France, specializing in object manipulation especially juggling with darts. Since 2014 he’s working as independent artists and in contractual relations for example with Theater ASOU at LaStrada Graz, as artists at Volksoper Wien or with his circus company NiE.