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30th Linzer Pflasterspektakel: 21. - 23. July 2016
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With these Pflasterspektakel gimmicks you get along comfortably and conveniently a whole day full of street performance art!

Pflaster Stool

With this foldable stool made of cardboard you'll be optimally fitted for a long day full of street art. The Pflaster Stool is extremly sturdy, steady and easily to take with you. A must have for all Pflasterspektakel enthusiasts.

Available for € 5,- at the Infopoint Hauptplatz.


This limited Pflaster-Bag is not only trendy and dressy, but also offers capacities to stow away all those bits and bobs one carries around all day. And most important: your hands are free to applaud!

Available for € 5,- at Infopoint Hauptplatz.

Design by Daniela Haunschmid, Meisterschule für Kommunikationsdesign, HTL1 Goethestrasse

Fresh Breeze

Fans of the Kaleidoscope Nights know best – it’s literally going to be a hot program! With the exclusive Pflasterspektakel hand fan you’ll get a fresh breeze in between.

Free and in limited edition for all spectators of the Kaleidoscope Night shows. 

Design by Lina Wimmer, Meisterschule für Kommunikationsdesign, HTL1 Goethestrasse