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30th Linzer Pflasterspektakel: 21. - 23. July 2016
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Teorge Michael

Teorge Michael

"Bapo", Pflasterspektakelpremiere!

'Bapo' is a funny musical performance, with 22 different chromatically tuned bulb horns attached all over his body, which consists of an extensive repertoire of rock, jazz & blues up to various classic evergreen tunes, combined with juggling, slapstick & a loop-station for a bass ukulele.

The show is well suited as a fixed or walking-act for venues such as street- and music festivals or at any other kind of celebrating festivities.


When and where When and where

Jeden Morgen wählt ein Großteil der KünstlerInnen ihre Auftrittsorte und -zeiten aufs Neue! Die Darbietungen beginnen zu jeder vollen Stunde.