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30th Linzer Pflasterspektakel: 21. - 23. July 2016
Information for Artists Information for Artists


Performance mode 
Performance locacions 
Additional performances 
Stage & Sound 
Technical Equipment 
Reimbursement of expenses 


Performance mode 

At the"time and location reservation", artists/groups choose their performance times and locations according to the general festival regulations.

Individual performance procedures WITH location selection
Number of performances: Thu: 2 performances / day, Fri & Sat: 3 performances / day; for one hour each (including set-up and take down time). Performances start every hour on the hour.

Special performance procedures WITHOUT location selection
Especially "loud" music formations (samba, percussion, drums, brass music) and "quiet" ensembles (a capella), children's programme participants, fire shows, shows with pyrotechnics, aerial artists and protagonists with special technical requirements perform at certain times and in selected locations in agreement with the organization team.

Groups requiring more time to set up and take down their equipment can sign up for a permanent performance location. Selected squares and courtyards will be available for presentations.

Fire and pyrotechnics: Due to regulations, street art acts using fire or pyrotechnics must be held in certain specifically assigned places. For this reason, please provide relevant information in the application.

Official permits will be taken care of by the organizer.

Performance locations 

There are about 40 performance locations in 5 performance areas and courtyards across the city centre of Linz. In case of very bad weather, there are alternative locations in shopping centres, restaurants, cultural sites, etc.

Additional performances 

Kaleidoscope Nights
Artists/groups that wishing to present a short segment of their show during a moderated revue can apply for a performance in the Spectacle Tent (with space for audiences of about 300 people). Please declare this in the application! Two evening performances at the Spectacle Tent replace one performance on the streets.

Music groups have the possibility to perform in selected bars and pubs at the Nightline from 11 p.m. onwards.


Stage & Sound 

Acoustic exposure is only permitted in the immediate audience area. Tripods or other lifting devices are not allowed. A sound system is available for the Kaleidoscope Nights at the Spectacle Tent.

Only a limited number of performance locations is equipped with electricity supply.

The organizer does not provide stages.


Technical Equipment 

The organizer generally does not provide equipment. Extension cables, power distributors, tape, etc. have to be self-organised by the artist or group. 


Application for the next Pflasterspektakel is possible within a period of several weeks starting on 1st December. We need the completed registration form with a video/trailer of the show (online or DVD) until the application deadline at the end of January. The registration form can be completed online or sent by e-mail or postal service (use PDF Download form) to


Until March 1st of the particular year, definite consent or refusal is sent by e-mail! 

Every year, around fifty per cent of participants are invited to the Pflasterspektakel for the first time. The number of participants is restricted to approximately 100 solo performers respectively groups. Therefore, unfortunately we are not capable of accepting all applications. In addition, we offer selected applicants a place on the waitlist (in case of short-term consent because other participants are unable to come).

Reimbursement of expenses 

Travel expenses
Travel expenses for outward and return journey are calculated based on the price of a 2nd class train journey, a cheap flight arrangement, or a mileage allowance. In conjunction with the participation confirmation, artists will be informed of the amount of the travel reimbursement and how this amount was calculated based on the application data. Flighttickets that are used for travels to Europe before July 10th 2016 cannot be used for claiming travel expenses.
Travel expenses will be reimbursed proportionally to the number of participating days (1/3 of traveling expenses for one day, 2/3 for two and and the entire travel expenses for three days).

Irrespective of the number of persons and travel distance, the organizer compensates for travel expenses to a maximum of 1,000 Euros per group/individual performer.

Daily Allowance/Busking Money: The organizer allocates 25 Euros per person and festival day for food for a maximum of 10 persons. Artists keep performance revenues (busking money).

Accommodation including breakfast: Costs of overnight stays at designated facilities including breakfast will be covered by the organizer. Participants are usually accommodated in double and three-bed rooms in hotels and accommodations in the city centre of Linz.