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27th Linzer Pflasterspektakel: 18. - 20. July 2013

Welcome to the Pflasterspektakel – International Street Art Festival!

At the 27th Pflasterspektakel from 18 to 20 July 2013, the city centre of Linz becomes a setting for international street art. The Pflasterspektakel – one of the biggest street art festivals in Europe – will again present an excellent variety of object and improvisation theatre, music of all kinds, dance, circus artistry, high-wire and fire acrobatics as well as clownery and comedic performance art at the highest level.

Performances are presented every hour on the hour in the various performance zones - the Pflasterspektakel Worlds Altstadt, Promenade-Herrenstraße-Spittelwiese, Pfarrplatz, Hauptplatz (main square), Landstraße as well as various inner courtyards.

The day's programme including exact performance locations and times is updated daily and available at the Infopoints, by newsletter or can be downloaded here when the festival starts (Thursday: 4 p.m., Friday and Saturday: 2 p.m.).

Varied programme virtually around the clock!

Thu: 4 p.m. – 11 p.m.
Fri and Sat: 2 p.m. – 11 p.m.
Nightline: Thu and Fri 11 p.m. – 1 a.m.

Special programme highlights

For the first time the Maindeck of the Ars Electronica Center becomes a performance location of Pflasterspektakel. The Australian artist Adam Read and his Roadside Company create a post-apocalyptic place by using lots of lights, sound, props and bizarre characters and transform the Maindeck in very special way into a “dangerous zone”. Adam Read was awarded with the Pflasterspektakel Production Scholarship 2013 for his concept which is based on the famous science fiction movie “Stalker” from Andrej Tarkowski.

The premiere of “Radiant” takes place on Wednesday, 17 July, at 9.30 p.m. at the Maindeck of Ars Electronica Center. Afterwards an opening party at the close-by Stadtwerkstatt Linz offers live music.

Roadside Company  
Roadside Company

The programme Local Art presents artists from Linz – this year with a lot of international attendance – and their works on public space. The programme ranges from a dance performance, to a music video shoot and live performances with music and video screenings as well as a mobile gallery.

Ukradena Galerie
Ukradena Galerie

In cosy courtyards and on specific places special Street Theatre Performances (Straßentheater) are staged and present contemporary performance and theatre art under the sky. The Roadside Company impresses with a site specific theatre, HeimatlosGrenzenlos merges video, dance and performance, Martha Labil presents clown theatre and Cia Cadute dalle Nuvole shows an acrobatic dance theatre aloft.

Cia Cadute dalle Nuvole
Cia Cadute dalle Nuvole

All the popular Pflasterspektakel programme highlights will again be part of this years` festival:
Street artists of different genres present a selected programme every evening in the Spectacle Tent at Pfarrplatz. The Kaleidoscope Nights (Kaleidoskopnächte) are one of the Pflasterspektakel highlights and present an exclusive variety show with a diversity of performance highlights. Due to the large interest every evening two performances are presented! For the Kaleidoscope Nights free seating tickets are required.

The Sound Courts (Klanghöfe) offer a programme for lovers of good music – whether by soloists, duets or orchestras. Joie de vivre and captivating rhythms fill the Landstraße at the Samba Parade (Samba Umzüge) on Friday and Saturday evening.

The Spectacle for Children (Kinderspektakel) offers a great programme for the youngest festival visitors: games and fun for children of all ages in the park of the Landhaus at Promenade, the Pfarrplatz and the children`s stage presenting clownery and children's theatre in the Spectacle Tent at Pfarrplatz.

Let yourself be inspired and marvel at the approximately 300 international artists at the 27th Pflasterspektakel!


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