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27th Linzer Pflasterspektakel 18.-20. Juli 2013
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27th Linzer Pflasterspektakel: 18. - 20. July 2013
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Production Scholarships

For four years the Pflasterspektakel Production Scholarship had been awarded to several artists and groups who had the premieres of their production at Pflasterspektakel. In 2014 won’t be a call for application. The Pflasterspektakel still wants to promote artistic production in street art and therefore develops new ideas within the next year.

We’d like to thank all artists who submitted their concepts the past years and wish all of you, who’re still working on the realization of a production idea, all the best for the implementation!


Pflasterspektakel Production Scholarship 2009 – 2013

As a sustainable initiative of the European Capital of Culture Linz 2009, the Linz09 company and the Internationals Street Art Festival Linz awarded the “Linz09-Pflasterspektakel-Production Scholarship” in 2009 for the first time, in order to promote artistic production in street art. The awarded production „RASCHMUNZEL“ (Circus Bone Idle/ Ireland, Kate Lawrence/ Great Britain, Camillocromo/ Italy) had its successful premiere at Pflasterspektakel 2010. At the 25th Pflasterspektakel (2011) two productions where awarded and premiered at the festival: Theater Leela (Austria) with “Circus Wende” and Circo Activo (Spain) with “Alone, so”. In 2012 the music group Novo Toque (Austria) realized their production “Reclaim! / Maracatu. Die Geschichte einer Rückeroberung”. The Australian performer Adam Read was awarded with the Production Scholarship in 2013 and implemented with artists from 8 different countries united as Roadside Company the site specific installation “Radiant” at the Maindeck of Ars Electronica Center.